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  • Antique French beams

    Antique French oak beams

    Ref: Antique French oak beams (Pou01)

    Antique french oak beams available in large quantity. the reclaimed oak wood beams from France is known for its quality. Our large inventory allow us to draw, prepare and install custom made timber structures.

    DIMENSIONS: varying

  • Antique French beams

    Antique French oak rafter

    Ref: antique french oak rafter (Chev01)

    Antique French oak rafter available in large quantity. We reclaimed our old oak rafters from antique houses. We clean and prepare our antique wood rafters in our carpentry workshop.

    SIZE: random

  • Antique French beams

    Antique French pine rafters

    Ref: antique french pine rafters (Chev02)

    Antique french pine rafters from available for you constructions’ projects. We always have in stock a large quantity of our French reclaimed pin rafters. The old pin rafters are used in the construction of our wood trusses.

    DIMENSIONS: varying in size.

  • Antique French beams , French pine timber frame

    reclaimed french pine beams

    Ref: reclaimed french pine beams (Pou02)

    Reclaimed french pine beams available in large quantity. Our antique pine wood beams are reclaimed from old houses. Our team clean the beams. We then use them to prepare custom made antique wood trusses.

    DIMENSIONS: varying