Antique French beams

Provence Matériaux Anciens has the biggest French inventory of reclaimed beams and rafters. All our reclaimed French beams allow us to assist you in your antique wood structures projects. In oak, pine or spruce, all our beams are cleaned and treated in our carpentery workshop. Our antique French beams come from from all over the country and it is thanks to our strong experience that we are able to gather such quantities and varieties of reclaimed wood. For all your construction and renovation projects, give your house a timeless and traditional antique touch by choosing antique materials renovated with care and passion.

Do not hesitate to contact us in irder for us to help you with your constructions projects. The Provence Matériaux Anciens team will be delighted to incorporate a piece of history and authenticity into your home. As sellers of reclaimed French beams, we give a great importance in adapting ourselves to the characteristics of each project.