French antique roof tiles

Provence Matériaux Anciens offers a collection of French antique roof tiles. The reclaimed roof tiles from France are a classic part of the French architectural heritage. Our antique roof tiles come from different regions that is why there are different types of them. Our antique roof tiles can be installed on a modern roof structure or an antique wood timber frame. The different categories of antique French roof tiles are:

  • The antique flat roof tiles : this tile is typical of the Burgundy region. Handcrafted, these tiles were made from different clays and have shades ranging from bright red to orange-yellow depending on where the clay was extracted. Dried in the open air after removal from the mould and then fired in a wood-fired kiln, the flat tiles show irregularities depending on their location during firing. This is what gives them their authenticity as well as their timeless success.
  • The reclaimed barrel roof tile : This roof tile is very common in the Mediterranean regions. It is typical in the Provence region as well as in the Gironde one. Its colours goes from pink to beige tones depending on the area it is from.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any question regarding the antique French roof tiles we supply. Our team will be glad to assist you in your construction projects.