Natural stone flooring

The scarcity of certain antique stone floorings and their cost has led Provence Matériaux Anciens to launch its own collection of newly quarried natural stone flooring, respecting as closely as possible the characteristics, patinas and properties of a reclaimed stone paving. Anxious to offer you the same authenticity and charm an antique stone flooring can bring, we have observed the natural aging of each material in order to reproduce it as faithfully as possible. Thanks to manual finishes that imitate the work of time and nature, we are able to offer you a natural stone flooring reeditions  with as much cachet as antique French stone flooring, at more affordable prices.

If the the charm of our stone flooring reedition have seduced you, do not hesitate to contact us. We are specialist in the sale of interior and exterior paving and have a large stock of building materials. We will be delighted to bring you our experience in order to help you to make the best choice for your architectural projects.