Antique stone flooring

Because the natural variation of a reclaimed flooring tile is unique, choosing an antique terracotta tiles as a floor will give your home a lively and warm appearance. There is more, choosing this material is a real ecological and sustainable choice. A French antique terracotta tile not only has a lovely colour variation, it has many other qualities. One of the greatest advantage of reclaimed terracotta floors is their durability. These antique flooring tiles can last a very long time when installed according standards quality. Moreover, a reclaimed terracotta tile has the rare characteristic of being naturally resistant to mould and bacteria when properly sealed. Finally, antique French terracotta tiles do not loose its clour variation when exposed to sunlight and UV rays for long periods of time. It will therefore seduce you for both interior and exterior architectural projects. French antique terracotta tiles flooring is a warmer than other ceramics tiles, which makes them much more comfortable and welcoming to walk on. There is no doubt that reclaimed flooring tiles have all the qualities and reasons to invite themselves into your home, and this, for a price that is always affordable. If you look for French antique terracotta tiles, do not hesitate to contact us. We will be delighted to bring you our expertise and provide advices that will help you in making the best choice for your architectural project. Provence Matériaux Anciens is a specialist in the sale of antique terracotta tiles and always has a large stock to meet the aspirations of each customer.