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  • Reclaimed cobblestones

    Antique French cobblestones

    Ref: Antique French cobblestones (Pav03)

    Antique French cobblestones from streets and farmhouses. These reclaimed French cobblestone give a rustic, timeless, classic and durable aspect to your exterior spaces. The surface of the antique cobblestones from France has the heritage of the centuries.

    DIMENSIONS: 15 x 15 x 15 cm

  • Reclaimed cobblestones

    Antique limestone pavers

    Ref: Antique limestone pavers (Pav02)

    Antique limestone pavers reclaimed from French farmhouse. Those reclaimed pavers has a beautiful creamy beige tone and an outstanding patina. The antique limestone pavers bring a unique timeless atmosphere to your exteriors.

    DIMENSIONS: random

  • Reclaimed cobblestones

    Reclaimed street cobblestones

    Ref: Reclaimed street cobblestones (Pav01)

    Reclaimed street cobblestones in granite. The antique cobblestones are reclaimed from French streets that are being renovated. We give the cobblestones a second life allowing you to have a unique patina and colour nuances for your exteriors.

    DIMENSIONS: 12 x 17 cm

    THICKNESS: The material is cut at 3 cm thick for an easier intallation.

  • Reclaimed cobblestones

    Sandstone reclaimed pavers

    Ref: Sandstone reclaimed pavers (Pav04)

    Sandstone reclaimed pavers for a timeless rustic style. The sandstone antique paving is reclaimed from French streets and can bring you the charm of its authenticity. The genuine surface along with the beautiful tones give an outstanding result once installed in your exterior spaces.

    DIMENSIONS: 12 x 17 cm