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  • Antique Bourgogne flagstone

    Antique Bourgogne flagstones

    Ref: Exterior antique Bourgogne flagstones (Dalb01)

    Antique Bourgogne flagstones available in large quantity. The reclaimed Bourgogne flooring brings a unique one off style to your exteriors. The antique Bourgogne has a worn surface and a beautiful colour variation. This reclaimed stone flooring is from Burgundy farm house that used to be built with the stones of the local quarries. The Bourgogne …

  • Antique Bourgogne flagstone

    Antique Bourgogne flooring

    Ref: Antique Bourgogne rustic flooring (Dalb03)

    Antique Bourgogne flooring for an interior with a rustic atmosphere. The reclaimed Bourgogne stone flooring is from old farm house of the Burgundy region. Depending on the farm house the material comes from, we may have a more or less rustic surfaces. We select the flagstone in order to be able to supply a fully …

  • Antique Bourgogne flagstone

    Bourgogne reclaimed flagstones

    Ref: Bourgogne reclaimed flagstones beige colours (Dalb02)

    Bourgogne reclaimed flagstones in creamy beige tones. The genuine surface of this reclaimed stone flooring is the heritage of centuries. The antique Bourgogne flagstone is one of the finest reclaimed French flooring. The variation of colours and surfaces depends on the farm houses the material is from. It varies from a farm house to …

  • Antique Bourgogne flagstone

    Burgundy antique flagstone

    Ref: Burgundy antique flagstone for interior (Dalb04)

    Burgundy antique flagstone for a unique patina with nuance. This selection of reclaimed Burgundy stone flooring has an outstanding weathered patina that is the heritage of centuries. Our large inventory of reclaimation material allows us to select the Burgundy flagstone for an interior with a unique style that reflect the French architecture of the …